Virginia Finally Arrived!

  1. I finally received that Virginia I paid all that money for on eBay today! She's a beauty, will definately be a favorite bag of mine. It's almost as nice as it looked in the pictures! Kudos to the photographer! Don't know if I can make it look that good at home, but I will try. Maybe tomorrow I will take it outside and try to get some of my babies in the shot, then you all can know why my name is HuskyLover! (Yes, I raise and breed Siberian Huskies, at the moment I have 8, and run a dog sled in the winter!)
  2. Can't wait to see pics!

    We have a common love with dogs - I own and show my male Akita and will be getting a show female later this year :smile:
  3. I can't wait to see your Virginia.

  4. Yay! Looking forward to the pics!
  5. I'm a little slow.. I didn't even know what a Virginia is. I had to look it up. Great bag..congrats! Btw, I love huskies ever since I saw Eight Below. After watching it, I wanted one so badly. But they're very active dogs right? I would need a very big space for him/her to run around in, which I unfortunately don't have.
  6. Congrats! I really hope you like it and remember pictures please!