Virginia Beach: Anyone from There??

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  1. Well it seems we are moving to Virginia Beach and I know nothing about this area.. Anyone from this area and can you give me some good areas to live and things to do?? Good Shops or do I have to go to another city??
    I am kinda excited because I've never been this part to the United States.. Hopefully we can stay awhile. We are moving from Portland Or to there. ..
  2. Bump Anyone???
  3. I don't live in VA Beach, but have vacationed there a few times. What's more to love than the fresh ocean air?! I actually have family in Richmond, VA and my husband and I were just there this past October for my cousin's wedding that I was in. We made sure to spend a day out at VA Beach, because it is one of my favorite vacation spots and I had to get my husband in on the experience! Honestly, I LOVE the state of Virginia in general... Norfolk is nearby VA Beach and there is so much history to see/learn about. Virginia is a military state and also a very historical one- there are museums galore! We thought it was pretty cool that you could actually tour the US Battleship Wisconsin that is retired at the Norfolk Naval Museum. We LOVED Pi Pizzera in Virginia Beach. Very yummy pizza! The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel isn't far either- we found that really interesting as it spans 20 miles across the Atlantic ocean to the eastern-most shores of Virginia and the border of Delaware! Very cool! Richmond is only like 2.5 hours away and Washington D.C. would be double that or more I think. It's like you have the best of several worlds at your fingertips! Ocean, city, and mountains... History, art, and recreation!:yahoo:

    I wish you and your husband best of luck on your big move! Do some research online and you will find so many exciting things to look forward to! I am SO jealous! It is my dream to some day live on the east coast- possibly VA! The people are so nice and friendly, I am sure it wont take you long at all to fall in love! ^_^
  4. ^^Thank you!!!
  5. I live in 757 area and go to VA beach alot. I would say the beach is pretty fun, but after a while it gets old? But thats just my opinion.

    Shopping wise: They have lynnhaven mall.........and thats about it? Not really a great place if you are in love with designer goods, but if you like forever 21/etc they have that and its a pretty big mall. There are alot of also speciality shops around. And in Norfolk there is MacArthur Mall which has Nordstorm. I'm not a really big party person so I couldn't really tell you many things about entertainment, but VA Beach does have wine tasting and other types of festivals year round! The art festival is really nice. There are alot of interesting and fun resturants to check out too! As for living I couldn't really say since I dont live in VA Beach, but in Hampton Roads. If you want to know anything about that area I can provide you with tons lol
  6. ^^Thank you...