Virgin purchase... expert advice needed!

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  1. Hey y'all, I'm so new I've still got that "newbie" smell to me! :okay: I've always been in love with fashion, especially purses, but I've never been able to afford a true high end designer bag until now. But, oh yes, it is time. I've sat around for weeks at my computer drooling on Net a Porter and the like, trying to find "the one". I kind of have to do my shopping online because I live in the middle of nowhere. The closest Neiman Marcus is, oh god, probably almost 2 hours away. Eep!

    Anyway, I've always admired Prada and their Spring collection does look very tempting (as opposed to last Spring... call me crazy) but the more Chloe bags I see the more I start to sway. Miu Miu is also a high chance for me. I actually own a pair of Miu Miu heels that I found at DSW - for $50. I actually looked over my shoulder really paranoid like someone was going to snatch them from me, haha. They're wicked purple with cream and tan accents.
    I'll be 20 this year but I'm definitely not afraid of timeless, classy looks.
    I just want something functional with a kick. Fall/Winter in Texas, although contrary to popular belief actually DOES happen with REAL snow, isn't my enemy here - although I don't need a bright yellow bag this December. Needs some staying power since it might be a while before I can afford my second.

    Help me out, ladies. Everyone wants their first time to be perfect :love:
  2. Welcome Tokimeki! What's your budget? What kind of colors and styles are you generally drawn to? We can definitely throw some suggestions out...
  3. $1500 tops, hoping for around $1000. I like the larger tote styles, as for colours, it's hard to say. Something soft that will compliment my endless array of sundresses and jeans.
  4. Chloe leather is fabulous, so that would be a good choice IMO.

    How about Balenciaga? You said something soft! Personally, I love the Day bag, it's large enough to hold everything and hangs so nice on the shoulder, slouchy and soft, would look absolutely perfect with sundresses and jeans. Comes in array of colors and fits the lower end of your budget! If you would consider ebay, you could get one for less than $1000 (just make sure you get it authenticated first!). Check out the Bal reference library for pics:
  5. You might look at the Rebecca Minkoff bags too......they should be around your price point, and the ladies on the forums here seem to love them. I personally don't own one yet, but I aspire to one of these days!! The leather is supposed to be fabulous, and her colors are great. Maybe a Morning After Bag or a Nikki bag. :smile:
  6. I am giving another vote for Balenciaga. I think it is perfect for your age (well, really for any age!), and there are so many colors!
  7. How about the Miu Miu bow satchel?
  8. It might be a pain, but if I were you, on some weekend I would drive the 2 hrs to the Neiman's or some other high end store and look at the purses IRL. If you're spending that kind of money, you might get a better idea of what you want if you see them up close. Plus, it would be a fun little day trip. That's just my opinion, I wouldn't mind a 2 hour drive for something like'd be a good chance to get away a little bit too.
  9. I LOVE the bow satchel. I wish I had one.
  10. I totally agree.

    When spending that much money on a bag, especially your first, you should definitely be able to try it on, test the weight, feel how sturdy (or not) it is, see how it looks and feels on your body, and even put your stuff in it. I think your first designer bag should not be one purchased online without seeing in person first. It would be terrible if you got locked into one, and ended up disappointed.

    Besides, I can't tell you how many times I've seen a picture of a bag that looked very different from how the bag actually looked in real life. Especially when it comes to colors.
  11. Try it before you buy it, especially high-end, high-cost.

    My style preference has changed radically in the past several years since I've been experimenting with nicer bags.
  12. good luck with your virgin purchase...
  13. Thanks, I probably will go up there and try it beforehand. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to decide then either! I'll tell you what... I'll name off a few brands, and you come back with the one purse from each one you'd buy right now.

    Miu Miu

    I'll post in a bit some links to a few bags I particularly like, get an opinion. No buying though, I promise! Not yet
  14. that chloe bay is a good deal!

    in general, i'd vote for a balenciaga or another classic that won't ever go on sale. b/c as much as i love my miu miu and chloe bags (i have the bow satchel btw) it really sucks to see them get marked down a couple of months later. so if that's something that may bug you too esp. w/your first big purchase, then maybe it's something to consider? anyway good luck!