VIPstyle's Collection

  1. Some old some new NONE borrowed some that are blue..

    I will post more pictures later ..for now here are some of my goodies

    Thank You for letting me share...Enjoy!!! :heart:



  2. i like your Suhali Le Fabuleux!
  3. WOW! LOVE THE CHANEL WATCHES...super duper collection!
  4. Thank You
    Here is some more[​IMG]
  5. LOVE the channel watch!!!! (white one) Great collection/
  6. Very nice!! What a lovely assortment of goodies!
  7. Great pics! Shows off your goodies well!!!
  8. awesome!
  9. Gorgeous! You have great taste! Lovin' the MC beauty case! Your chanels are Fab! xxx
  10. your white J12 is tfd!
  11. What a killer collection!! I always wanted a LV duffle/carry all.
  12. GORGEOUS collection!!!:love:
  13. What MC beauty case????

    This one is my DREAM CASE !!!!:heart:

    BTW Thank You Everyone:heart:
  14. i love your watches! gorgeous collection!

    and of course the Le Fab!
  15. gimme gimme gimme!!! i want! i want!

    VIPstyle - i'm having a stroke!!! :love: :love: your collection is stunning! i'm like drooling over your LV's and your b-bag FIRST ink!!!:love: :love: :love:

    thank you so much for sharing!!!