VipStyle just wants to say SORRY If I have not got back to anyone

  1. Hi my CHANEL girls..
    I just want to do a QUICK post and say if I have not got back to any of your questions on any of my threads or emails its because I'm going thru some Family issues at home:crybaby:

    (DH and I are trying to work out some issues:crybaby: )

    Thanks for understanding
  2. Sorry you're going through a tough time - take care of yourself. I really hope things work out.
  3. Sorry to hear VipStyle...good luck and take care!
  4. I hope all works out fine. Thanks for thinking of us.
  5. Hope everything works out for you. Best wishes...take care!
  6. hope everything works out!!!
  7. MMMM..Been there with my first husband..And of course there's moments w/ DH...Relationships at times are not easy for sure...I hope you're OK...Love is awesome when there are no bumps in the road..and the worst when there are potholes...Thinking of you..Hang in there...!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Don't worry about us! Best of luck with your husband! I hope it all clears. Hug :heart:
  9. Good luck and hope everything will go well !!! We will miss you here :smile:
  10. Absolutely good luck and best wishes on the homefront
  11. Best of luck! Hope everything works out. We are all here if you need us!
  12. I am sorry to hear this VIPStyle! Hopefully you can work things out!!!
  13. Good Luck!!! I hope everything works out! I will miss you here while you are gone!
  14. Take good care of yourself, my best to you.
  15. {{{ VIP }}} <---cyberhugs ;)

    Hope you're able to work everything out!