Viper? any other TPF members have one?

  1. I just saw a thread for members with BMW's so I was wondering if any other TPFer's have a Dodge Viper? If so, are you in the Viper Club? Are you going to the VOI-10 this year?:yahoo:
  2. I don't have one but our family's friend does..I'll see if he is in the club,etc..
  3. Someone else has to have this car?
  4. i wish! haha it would take me a million years to afford one..
  5. You might be surprised! Our first one was only about $35,000 (of course it was an older one, 1996...that is less than most of the SUV's on the road now!
  6. haha i knoww i wish i had one too! you are so lucky!
  7. When I was looking for my sportscar, I took one out for a spin. I decided that it was too much car for me:sweatdrop:
  8. Looks like you are a lone ranger :amuse:
  9. No you aren't alone! Hubby has this one!
  10. Ohhh how fun. Your car has the opposite colors as ours which is blue with white stripes! Are you in the Viper Club? Which state? We are members of the NorCal club and often cruise with friends. It is so much fun! Did you go to VOI9 in Las Vegas? Our car was on the cover of the Viper magazine while we cruised down the strip with about 40 others.
    Here is a pic of our old (black) and newer Vipers side by side. It is also in my Avatar.
  11. very nice cars. too bad they are killing the viper soon :sad: there still making the corvette though so maybe ur gonna have to jump over to the chevy bandwagon ;)
  12. corvettes :drool:
  13. We used to own Corvettes and although they are nice cars, we wanted something a little more exotic, a little less common.
    We are very involved in the Viper Club of America and with Dodge Motorsports as well and according to Kip Owen, Director of street racing technology (SRT) the Viper is here to stay. The new Viper has over 600HP, stock!
    Viper eating Vett.gif
  14. My father has one, but I honestly hate it. Don't flame me, I just don't think it's one of the better ones in his collection.

  15. vipers are just cheap inside thas what turns me off about them. looks tacky

    i like the exterior, but the suspension is not the greatest and the radio is from a dodge neon literally (my friend has a neon and my neighbor has a viper and we had them side by side compareing them and sure enough it was):roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: