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  1. Hoping this hasnt been mentioned before feel free to move if it has.

    On another forum there is a discussion about VIP and what levels of spending it takes before one is considered VIP by the brand they are shopping with.

    for example :-

    VVIC (very very important client)
    accumulated have spent over a million

    VIC (very important client)
    accumulated have spent about US$60,000 or above

    High Potential VIC
    those have spent somewhere around 10,000-20,000

    Potential Client
    This could be anyone spend over a thousand on a single purchase

    Now the above figures are mentioned with regards to a much cheaper brand than Hermes, so im thinking does anyone have the figures for Hermes and know what extras (invites to runway shows etc) you might receive from Hermes? Are there any VIP's amongst us?
  2. Even if there were, they would probably just want to remain anonymous.
  3. ^confused!

    please can someone paste the link to this question and answers then?

    sorry no-one knows the formula Hermes uses , its quite a hot topic on louis vuitton.
  4. I am going to close this for now.
  5. Ladies- if you suspect someone has broken a rule, simply report it to a mod. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.