VIP Treatment at LV, I don't even have to spend $$$$$ or be Jessica Simpson

  1. Let me share you an experience of my visit to LV yesterday...


    My last few visits to my local LV boutique has never been better. Having only purchased a few items (mostly small leather goods) over the last weeks, all of the SAs in the store have managed to remember me :tender:.

    I am told that I am welcomed to visit the shop at my convenience. MMMMMMM, how good is that? The best thing is that I am now always invited to the (maybe exclusive?) secret room. You know that hidden room usually behind the cashier counter with beige sofas and a plasma TV.

    There is simply no better way to shop while you're separated from the crowded store, sitting on a comfy sofa browsing the catalogue, viewing the material samples and drinking a chocolate milkshake (they have all kind of drinks at my local LV, lol) :popcorn:. My SA would just sit there with me and we would chat about various stuff, not just about LV ~ lol. Every 5-10 minutes or so she would bring me gorgeous stuff. If I had a few thousand dollars with me at the time I would have bought em' all.

    Since I am in the process of selecting hard-case luggage for my mom, my SA showed me a DVD that described how LV trunks are made and all the history behind them. It was all so interesting and fun. I was even shown the machines they use for heat stamping, the exact one she used to stamp my address tag.

    I think sometimes a trip to LV could be equally fun as a trip to DisneyLand, lol.

    I :heart: LV @ Emporium Mall, Bangkok


    I wish I have a detective camera or something, otherwise I would have taken pics to show you all. The SA was with me pretty much the whole time I was in that room ~ that made it kinda difficult to take pics even with a camera phone.
  2. If I ever had a chance to go to Bangkok, I'd love to pay a visit there.

    Sounds fun. :supacool:
  3. isn't the VIP room fun? :smile: i've been to the one in waikiki several times. the highlight has to be being able to hold a les extraordinaires clutch.

    though i do prefer shopping on the floor than having the SAs bring every single thing to the room.
  4. wow that`s amazing. I`d love to see a VIP room one day.
  5. Wow, I didn't even know about the "secret rooms"...that does sound fun!
  6. that sounds so much fun!
  7. OK, the minute I go to Bangkok we are going to LV!
  8. Sounds like you had a AbFab time! Congrats!
  9. Oooh that sounds wonderful!
  10. Wow, a secret room!!! That sounds cool! Even though I've spent tens of thousands, I've never been invited to the secret room!! Maybe I'll have to stick to one SA and one store.
  11. We don't have "secret rooms" here in the states, as far as I've heard...
    These were basically created in Asia for high-end cliente, to get exclusive VIP treatment when shopping. Consider yourself very lucky !!!!!!
  12. Ooooh La La!!! How wonderful is that!!!! I know I'm jealous!!!!!
  13. Wow very cool.
  14. That sounds so awesome. Very mysterious and glamorous! :smile:
  15. Congrats! Sounds fun!