**VIP** Status at Eluxury!!!

  1. I just got an email saying

    "Congrats & Welcome to VIP Status at eluxury.com"

    how did I qualify? I didn't think i spent THAT much!!! I've only ordered 2 LV's from them:yes:

    this is great, whats the perks??
  2. That's awesome!

    I know they send you catalogues and *think* they e-mail you when there's free shipping and offer certain discounts once you have VIP status? :hrmm:
  3. FREE *upgrade* shipping.....so, not totally free....

    but you can exchange for FREE every single time!!!!

    sad to say.....that's all about it. you have to buy from them at least once a year to maintain the status.....you hear about free shipping or sale emails before it goes on public....

    i've been a VIP for elux for a few years now, but i never got treated that special......:tdown:

    but congrats!!!!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. I never got an email...but when I placed an order yesterday, my shipping was upgraded and I noticed the little blurb about my VIP status.

    Very glad to hear about the free return/exchange :tup:
  6. You get VIP status when you've spent $3000 with them. You only have to order once per year to maintain that status.
  7. I don't think there is any amount of dollars you have to spend. I've only spend about 1200.00 on Elux ever and I just got the VIP status e-mail also.
  8. I just got the VIP email this week too and I haven't bought anything from elux in a few months!
  9. It's not really a big deal IMO..it's just a free shipping upgrade and in order to stay in VIP status, you have to make one purchase per year. :yes:
  10. Why oh why does elux not ship internationally (they could charge us extra shipping after all)?? It is so not fair.
  11. I've been VIP for a few years, and I LOVE it! The free returns is great, the shipping upgrade is wonderful. I'm very indecision so it works out great for me.
  12. The VIP status is a big marketing spin, IMO. They make you think you are getting something free, as a reward for being a repeat customer. In actuality though, you will always pay for shipping, even when there is a 'free shipping' promo for everyone else. They ship to you in 2 days, for the price of ground.
  13. I got the same email too! YEA to us!!!!