VIP room in your local LV Boutiques

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  1. have anyone been to the VIP room in your local LV boutiques?
  2. Mine doesn't have one, too small.

    There are, however, two chairs near the table you can see in the foreground of the picture I attached. I guess they let important people sit there.

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  3. Nah i don't think so mines tiny but i was shocked when i walked in and this Guy walked out of the mirror (Like the mirror just opened and a guy like walked out!!) and i was like :wtf: and then he just walked out of the store i was just :wtf: And no one else looked shocked :sweatdrop: But i wanted to go in and take a look doubt it was anything amazing though i think London Lv has a VIP room?
  4. ^Lol. When the boutique I usually patronise, was being remodelled, LV moved to a tiny, doll-house like building.

    So when I bought my perfo belt, I was forced to change&try on the belt in the gift wrapping closet.
  5. Hmmm, I dont think there's a VIP room for mine. Just a couple of seats in the middle.
  6. My normal store is a Saks they don't have a VIP room.....I"m sure the Michigan Ave. one does...but all I've ever seen are people sitting at the back table!
  7. I didn't even know their was a VIP room! So I guess my answer is no, I've never been in it lol.
  8. LOL! Its a room where only VIP customers can go into, and they shop inside that room.. Well this afternoon I was shown into the room by one of the managers at LV here in Beijing. Have to say that it was different and it made me nervous being inside the room as no one else was there other than the manager who showed me the room and my SA. There was two three-seaters sofa inside the room, and there were a couple of Ready-to-Wear stuff inside the room and that was it. So basically if you want to have a look at something, the SA will call someone else to bring the stuff for you. It was a pretty cool experience, and no I didn't buy anything today. Just visiting the room, hehehee..
  9. My store doesn't have one yet but they are being remodelled and there are thoughts that this may be part of the work done.

    The VIP room is a room where they can display the new season/waitlisted bags for VIP's to look at kind of like a personal trunks show. And when you go shopping you will go to the VIP room and things will be brought to you rather than you browsing the store.
    A small part of the reason they do this is because when people are coming in with Limited Bags or coming to collect Limited Bags general customers (god I sound like a snob!) ask about them & complain when they can't get them because they are all gone or reserved.
  10. Nah, I think you didn't sound like a snob. It was weird to be inside that room, because everyone seems to listen to what you want to say when you are there. Maybe that's because no one else was around. The manager said that I know a lot of things about LV, that was the best compliment ever.. But I thought wait until he meets the LV gang from this forum. hahaha.... On my way out of the store, I also met the General Manager of the store (the highest manager basically). Her name was Vivianne. My SA introduced me to her, and she shook my hand. She knows me... I was impressed. LOL! She looks more like a customer on my first sight as she didn't wear the LV uniform. She told me she's sorry that she couldn't have met me earlier, because she's busy as there will be another shop opening in Beijing in September. WOAA... another shop to visit for me LOL! Anyway, enough ranting from me... :biggrin:
  11. I just know they have the VIP room hehe so my answer is nooo never
  12. My store doesen't have one either, but it's still one of the nicest ones I've been to even though it's small. =P
  13. My store is to small, but i have been in there stock room.
  14. ^ Really? That's already an honour.
  15. I personally cant see why i would want to be in the VIP would be too tempting to spend far too much with people looking over me. But i guess it would be nice just to be asked!