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  1. Hey Guys Does Hermes Give Vip Gift's Like Louis Vuitton Does?? If So Can You Guys Post Pic's
  2. ???
    Not sure what "VIP gifts" are, and I certainly am not a VIP, but a got a deck of tarot cards Cannes I think. Sorry if I am totally misinterpreting the question.
  3. there are a few VIP members in here but if there are goodies they get, they won't show it in teh internets. some won't even tell that they are.

    Hermes VIPs are so much different than LV VIPs, I think.
  4. I don't think they do. It's a very different company than lv
  5. They Should My Mom Is Always In The Madison Ave Store Buying And She Has Never Gotten A Vip Gift. I Get Then All The Time In Louis Vuitton Store In 5th Ave
  6. I don't know if they were VIP gifts, but I remember that someone
    got an orange (of course) ball that wasn't for sale, but just given
    to the customer as an appreciation. :smile:
  7. I'm Starting To Grow A Love For Hermes Like I Do For LV I Just Need To Find The Right Bag Because Being A Guy There Really Isnt Alot To Choose From
  8. I have seen specialty scarves given to vip's and then some others sell it on ebay.
    Sometimes for an event they give out mugs or china pieces. That's all I have ever seen.
  9. Omg I Would Die For Something Like That!!
  10. I was given special edition Gavroche scaves, key chains and other small items as gift upon special events at Hermes stores...but not always.

    I was also given a bottle of perfume or I was invited to choose a scraf when purchasing an expensive bag, but this was absolutely random.

    I do no think Hermes has a policy about this, It seems to me that they leave each store manager free of doing it or not.
  11. That would be wonderful if everybag purchase they let you choose a scarf
  12. Yes A Scarf Would Be Nice! Lol
  13. I want to ask about those Tarot cards? Can you buy tarot cards from Hermes?
  14. I have a small game that my store gave me a long time ago. It's those things that you balance and you try to get all those little balls into the holes at the same time. Will post pics later. It's not worth anything, just something nice, ya know.