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  1. [​IMG]

    After collecting for 2 years, Louis Vuitton has finally given me my first VIP gift (in June). I have also received free Le Catalouges, Dust bags, boxes, thank you cards and event invitations.

    Post your perks! :flowers:
  2. Lol mine are dustbags, boxes, event invites, Le Catalogues and tons of that pretty sparkle ribbon from Christmas. I love that ribbon!
  3. Oooh. I love that ribbon, too. They actually used it on my travel gift. I was surprised to see it.
  4. How much do you have to spend with them to get a VIP gift?
  5. I haven't gotten any gifts, and I probably have a loooong way to go before I make VIP anyways, lol:P But your travel kit is soooo cute :smile:
  6. Truegem: I don't know if it's an amount you need to spend. Maybe. I'm not really sure.

    Sweetlove: Thanks. I see some people selling them on eBay and I think that's crazy, it was FREE!
  7. I have the same travel kit and also the gold keepall paperweight :love:
  8. I would love to get on VIP how long do you have to have been going and buying from LV for the VIP gifts ?
  9. that is so nice!!!!! i never get anything like that and i spend a ton at LV!!!
  10. I have yet to get anything.:sad::lol:
  11. How do you become VIP?
  12. No VIP gifts yet... but: I have received 3 catalogues, 1 thank you card, and 2 notes so far. :P

    One note from a special SA that's going to send me something kickass today. :nuts: :yahoo:
  13. that's pretty cool! Do you usually buy from the same location and SA? I've bought A LOT but I'm sure it's still not enough......oh well...
  14. I'm shocked with the amount you have spent and the lovely bags you have got! :wtf:
  15. Oh gosh, that would be fabulous. Gongrats to anyone who got anything. I would be happy with a note :biggrin:
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