VIP gifts -- Who gets them, what do you get?

  1. I just received my Moka Ludlow from my dear cherished LV guru, who sent along a lovely lovely mahoghany hair stick with the LV symbols inlaid in mother of pearl. (pictures later). And I have a teeny yellow epi pochette that I was told was a VIP gift. What other fabulous items have the privileged among us received?
  2. I've received a travel set, mikado game (pick up sticks :confused1:), and my favorite- a golden keepall paperweight :yahoo:
  3. Gold keepall paperweight, MC bookmarks, LV notecards, MC Playing cards,

  4. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::confused1:

  5. How do you get on the VIP list? I've heard of this but not sure how you become a VIP?

    Can't wait to see your pics, sounds beautiful! :yes:
  6. Wow!! Post pics soon please!!! :nuts:
  7. So, far I have rec'd the Travel Set and Mikado (sp?) game sticks. When my SA called me yesterday, she informed me that new gifts were coming. The only one I was interested in is the glass box, I need something to put my jewelry in. Although, I wouldn't mind getting all of them. LOL.
  8. Buy LOTS AND LOTS of stuff at lv ;) I can only dream that maybe one day!
  9. Nothing, just catalogs and invites when my store ever decides to have a party. I find that my store has so many different SAs in and out lately, I've been dealing more with the store manager than my usual SA.
  10. Seriously. My apologies that i'm not privileged enough to have received any.
  11. Glass box?????

    I'm putting in an order for the damier keepall next week.

    I think because I have been working with the same SA (now manager) since 1998, and he knows that I am pretty serious about my collecting -- I don't sell (even when the Murakamis came out and he got me a couple of bags, I returned them rather than flog them on Ebay). and I tend to not buy too much on Ebay, except for rarities. Plus I take his advice SERIOUSLY. If he doesn't approve, I don't buy it.

    We all need our own handbag gurus.
  12. I've got this LV crystal paperweight that's rectangular and with the monogram sort of lasered and floating in the middle. I love it! Other than that, just normal invites to events, etc...The turnover in staff has been quite high, and the loveliest SA I dealt with left long ago to another state. :crybaby:
  13. Yeah same here, with the staff turnover. And my mom has been buying (collecting, too, really) since 1989/1990 and has never received any VIP gifts other than party invites and catalogs.
  14. I always buy from the same LV sales associate. I get catalogs and invitations to private events, but one time my SA gave me a little keychain with the LV flower. It's plastic, but I love it (and it's still well made). I attach it to my various LV purses when I go out. The other gifts sound great that others have received, but I guess you have to buy TONS of LV products. I do buy purses and accessories during the year, but not at a huge level.

    My SA told me of a teenage girl (about 14) whose sugar daddy (not sure if he was her grandfather or a family friend) bought her over $14,000 worth of LV merchandise. Yikes!! I feel guilty when I spend $500 to $1000 for a single LV item!!! - and I'm a grown-up who works for a living unlike that teenager who had LV items handed to her on a silver platter! Oh well.... must be nice!!!
  15. same here HAHA :smile: