*vip Gift*

  1. :yahoo: isnt it cute??????????????:heart::heart::heart:
    the store manager gave it to me for being a faithfull devotee!!!
    & as a xmas gift coz i wasnt in the country for xmas. :shame:
  2. So adorable, lucky you!
  3. Wow... nice!
  4. oh wow - i was wondering how much someone has to have bought at an LV store to get such presents as some of you got? just to know, bcs i would love to get such a present!!!!

  5. Wow....its so cool...congrats!!
  6. Super cute. I think I have bought enough stuff in LV store. Why did not they give me free stuff? :girlsigh:
  7. yey congrats! are you going to display it? Its sooo pretty! I got a mc black bookmark yesterday!
  8. its so pretty!! congrats!
  9. Loves it !
  10. Sooooo cute!
  11. very cute!
  12. It's so pretty!! Is it made of glass or lucite?
  13. lucite.
  14. So Cool! Congrats!!!
  15. Ooooh pretty, congrats ! :yes: