VIP Gift from the 1930's....

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  1. Those are pretty amazing. I wonder who the VIP customer was in the 1930's.
  2. scary but neat!! thanks for sharing
  3. Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!! I always thought the VIC gift was a newer thing.
  4. cruznit1436: ^Yeah, I agree^ :yes: Neat but a little scary! Thank you so much for sharing. :heart: I am so glad I am not a doll collector.
  5. Omg its soo cool! Thanks for sharing, gonna forward this to my friends :smile:
  6. Neat! But those dolls are quite scary. Imagine setting them on your dresser at night and you wake up to them right next to you. Sorry i really dislike dolls haha
  7. me too. and these ones are really freaking me out. but thanks for sharing. i hope i don't have nightmares tonight :nuts:

  8. me 2
  9. Thanks for sharing-I must agree they are quite scary looking.
  10. Thanks for sharing

    they look kind of scary!! I guess we have watched too many scary movies that have ghost dolls. lol
  11. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I am sure they have an amzing history.
  12. I'm glad those dolls are the VIP gifts nowadays. They are creepy! :wtf:
  13. WOW, very interesting ( and expensive!!!)
  14. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!