Violine croc and fuschia chevre in Chicago

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  1. I saw the cutest Violine crocodile Jige in Chicago this past weekend. It was a tiny clutch, and cute as can be. The SA assured me that at $5050, it was quite a deal! There were several other items in violine there too, including a Bearn in chevre and if I recall correctly, there was a small Kelly too.

    In addition, I got to see one of my dream bags up close and personal! It was the Bolide 1923 in Fuschia chevre. So gorgeous! I love the side pocket, but hadn't realized the handles were so short. I often carry my regular Bolide on my forearm, and the 1923's handles are just a bit too short to do that comfortably. Still, if I had had $4450 in my pocket on Saturday, it would have been mine!

    Alas, no Birkins to drool over, but the SAs were terrifically nice and the place seemed well stocked with everything except Birkins.
  2. Cool! If only that Fuschia Chevre was a kelly I'd have drove down there in a flash.

    Did you pick up anything at all there?
  3. Sadly no. But I did do a little damage at Neiman-Marcus' double points days on Thursday...I picked up a Karo PM in some kind of tan chevre (maybe it's caramel?), plus got another Ulysse brag book for my mother, along with an orange Agenda GM and pencil for me :smile:

    I couldn't bear to pay full price for the 2005 inserts though so I guess I won't be using the agenda until January :/
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