Violette (purple) OR Pomme (red) heart purse -WHAT WOULD YOU DO?? help!


what would you do??

  1. get over it and keep the pomme

  2. go through the hassle to get the violette

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  1. Ok so you guys know I got a red/pomme heart purse. Well there looks like a hair was caught in the process of making it between the leather and the coating. It's on the front in a big U shape and part on the back. It's hard to see, very hard unless you are inspecting it.

    Pomme is completely sold out but I have an option of getting a violette one to exchange it for. Now here's the kicker:

    I paid $365 + $25(shipping) =$390 for the red one
    I will have to pay $385 + $10(shipping) + $31.76 (8.25% tax) = $426.76

    So to get the violette one, I'll have to pay almost $40 more. Then I'll have to drive down to LA (almost an hour - ONE WAY) to return the pomme one.


    these pics were taken w/micro and you can't see the defect:


    without flash:


    now this is a pic to show you exactly where the hair's in a U shape on the front, and a backwards C on the back.

  2. k, I tried to take a pic out in the sunlight but you still can't see it..........I think I'm going mad!!

    here is the light pic, you totally can't see it.........I'm irritated.

  3. well....its up to you...if u cant stand it.. better to exchanged it....:tup: cos it will bother ya everyday....

    maybe u can hold on to this till thye get a red one in their stock?:p
  4. That's a tough call. It depends if the flaw really bothers you. I think if you aren't 100% happy with it, then get the violette one. But I guess whose to say the violette one will be perfect.

    I know there is a pomme heart at the Vancouver Canada LV location (saw it yesterday). But not sure how it would work if you wanted it shipped to you.

    Good luck with what you decide... it's such a tough decision.
  5. I would call my SA and tell them of the defect and make them replace it. Can't they send it back to LV?? If they cant then I would keep the Pomme, the violette isnt nearly as pretty. My store had the violette on display.
  6. Pomme is amazing you would have to see the voliet one yourself before you chose but I say keep the pomme
  7. I prefer the pomme but since the hair seems to bother you, it will continue to bother you. I would exchange it.
  8. I like the Pomme Heart much more than the Violette.

    However, it seems like it is bothering you a lot so you should exchange it if you are going to be unhappy with it.

    Good Luck!! :flowers:
  9. ^^it's not botherine me that much.........what's really bothering me is that I can't take a pic of it to show you guys so it feels like I am making a big thing out of nothing, KWIM??

    I think I am gonna keep it for now. My SA said I could keep it/use it and she would let me know if a new one came in and I could still swap it out.
  10. It's totally up to you. Violette seems easier to get via the stores but pomme you can always get on eBay or LT or something. I would say if you can hold onto it until they get a new one in that may be your best bet. It really is very pretty!
  11. I would wait and see if they can do an exchange. I think its 4 weeks for an exchange and 2 weeks to get your money back. Believe me, there are pomme hearts out there.
  12. The Pomme is my favorite in the hearts collection. As long as this hair isn't bothering you as you said it isn't then I would keep it, but if it starts to bug you I would let it go as it will never cease, it will become your focus KWIM? Both colors are cute so I think you can't go wrong, but I would consider the defect more than the color, can you live with it? If so, then just love your unique Pomme heart!
  13. it completely depends on what you like.
    I know it's easy for me to say, "oh, just deal with it, it's not worth exchanging", but sometimes I can be the pickiest person, and it will bother me forever...

    If you know you're never going to look at your cles without thinking of the hair that's stuck in it, then perhaps consider switching to violette. If it's not goign to bother you any more, and you'll forget about the hair, keep the pomme one.

    Let us know what you decide, good luck!
  14. As much as I love the Violette (and anything purple for that matter) if I could only keep one heart it would be the Pomme. But if it's bothering you that much, I'd definitely pay the extra in order to be happy!
  15. i'm thinking you're so lucky you got a pomme! I'd kill for one myself... but after all that if you keep getting bothered with the hair then return it!