Violette or Amarante pochette cles?

  1. So I stopped by LV yesterday, and picked up the last pochette cles (is that what the new limited cles is called?), which was in the amarante color. I don't have any vernis items yet, and am planning to get a french purse in pomme so I was deciding between the amarante and violette. I don't like the violette on bags but it looks nice in small doses. I like the amarante color but it looks black in most lights I think.

    So what do you ladies and gents think I should get?

    Oh, and the SA said the new purple epi should come out sometime in Feb.
  2. I really like the amarante colour too .... I prefer it to the violette in the new cles..please post photos:love:
  3. I saw the cles in pomme, violette, and amarante and fell in love with ALL of them. I picked violette because I already have a pomme piece, and purple is my favorite color. The amarante is stunning, too. Oh, I'm no help, I suggest them all!
  4. Pictures as requested! :okay:


  5. I debated between the pomme and amarante on Sunday. I chose pomme only because I'm an obsessive freak over the fingerprints! I knew they would bug me, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color.
  6. Purple is my favourite colour so it's definitely VIOLETTE for me. I heard that the amarante leaves behind olot of finger prints which will probably drive me crazy in trying to get rid of it all the time.
  7. Amarante, it's really pretty. The beauty of it is that it's different colors in different light. OSmetimes almost black, sometimes dark purple, other times, lighter. I always get compliments on it.
  8. congrats! I like amarante, it's a pretty color.
  9. i vote amarante! it's seduction is so appealing.
  10. between the amarante and violette i'd go for violette... i just think that the amarante would look better in larger pieces like houston and brentwood etc than the violette, on the other hand the violette looks much prettier when they come in small sizes (i.e. cles, wallets, sunset boulevard etc.)