Violets are purple, not blue... *pics*

  1. and purple roses are my fav too! anyway.

    Hi everyone! Violet has lured me back in. :nuts:

    I am so happy with my new Violet Bbag family, City, money, makeup and coin purse. I want to first give a big THANK YOU :tup: to the pfers who posted and gave me/us the heads up, aaa and pluiee! :search:

    I thought I only wanted or needed a small touch of violet, an accessory. Well... NOoo. First, I called on the wallet and the SA said in addition they had a city..."I'LL TAKE IT!", I said. I was shocked, but reserved my total excitement as I knew actually seeing the bag would seal the deal for me. Well, as you can tell by the pics, there is no giving this one back. I absolutely love it and feel so happy to have it. It is a beautiful deep jewel tone purple and very saturated which I am thrilled about. Soft and squishy. Love it!

    A few days ago while I was excited enough to be getting my city and wallet, aaa posted about the MUs at Barneys. I had to call... this would be my first MU. Well, then I of course had to ask if they had a coin purse and sure enough they did. So, once again I said, "I'll TAKE EM!" AND there you have the evolution of my violet family. It happened fast, but I love them all and have no regrets. lol :upsidedown:

    Sorry about the actual family pic, don't know what happened there.
    tmpphpE0zigX.jpg tmpphpAJNtxA.jpg tmpphpyy3jkG.jpg tmpphpP9D4fS.jpg tmpphpWSicEr.jpg
  2. :nuts:holy smokes, Bella!!!! What an AMAZING Violet collection you have!!!! :love: Lucky you! Congratulations!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Look at this - :drool:

  4. [​IMG]
    finally pictures of your AMAZING VIOLET FAMILY!! :drool::drool::drool:

    i really love the city, it's gorgeous!! and of course the mu, coin purse and wallet all complement it perfectly. :biggrin:

    how are the tassels on the city btw?
  5. OMGosh, those are stunning!! Congrats, Bella!!
  6. WOW!!!!!:yahoo: It's GREAT that you kept the whole Violet family together! I just got a Violet Makeup today and like you I'm thinking I could get bag in this color! LOVE IT!
  7. Wow gorgy family!! Love them all!
  8. My goodness, I love the violet family potrait you have there. My goodness, you have a violet family there....Now, I am envy you....Congrats on your violet bag, MU, Money and coin purse. They are just gorgeous.
  9. That colour is TDF!!
  10. Thank you so much ladies!

    I sure wish that family photo was better. I need to take them outside tomorrow and get a better pic.
  11. Love the whole family! :heart: Your city has fantastic leather. :tup: Congrats!
    (Purple roses are my favorites, too! :yes:)
  12. And I thought I couldn't get enough of violet! :yahoo:
    Congrats, your family is a very happy one:heart:. I can see how you couldn't say no to any of them!
  13. pluiee, the tassels are fine.... a bit spongy.
  14. WOW, a Violet heaven.:nuts: They are beautiful. :drool:Congrats.:yahoo:
  15. thanks! i wonder if the earlier batch had more problems.. my violet city tassels are very thin.. and already snapped!