Violet.........Who's getting it and in what style?

  1. After Karen's post last night, all I can do is think about this gorgeous color. I'm having a terrible time narrowing it down to one bag........I want it in EVERYTHING! :nuts: But that's just not doable. Plus, at least with my current wardrobe, it's not very versatile. So, I can't justify having more than one bag in this color. Right now, I'm on the list for a SGH PT. What style are you getting or contemplating right now?

  2. think i'd like a twiggy ! i've not really been keeping up with the colours lately, it looks like eggplant, can it be true?
  3. I'm down for a twiggy and MU clutch. Can't wait!
  4. I'm on the list for MU right now, but I might come off seems like it's too similar to Eggplant. Maybe I should get MU in, say, Tomato?

    What do ya all think??
  5. I want this in the First or the same bag I have now- PT GH.

    HOW perfect would it be with Aquamarine?!?!?
  6. I have hgbags holding a Violet Makeup and Step for me. I'm too sure on the Step but had her hold it for me just in case. I LOVE Violet and the pics definitely helped!
  7. a first or a twiggy...i'm on the list for a first at the moment. :graucho:
  8. Anything Tomato in an accessory will be gorgeous!
  9. Right now i am on the list for the First but we'll see what happens on Wednesday.:graucho:
  10. I LOVE this color and want it in a City and Makeup!
  11. Parttime and the First
  12. im on the list for a day and a city with rh, although a twiggy would be divine!!!!......
  13. I'm down for the makeup and flap clutch.
  14. Maybe a cute Make Up:love:
  15. I'm down for a flap clutch with SGH