Violet - which styles???????????

  1. Has anyone managed to get the scoop on which styles will be done in the Violet color? I have been meaning to call BalNY but just get so busy at work I keep on forgetting... it's probably best anyway as I think they are starting to get annoyed with us PFers... :p
  2. Yes, it's way too early to be calling them about the Violet and styles it will be coming in. They're not supposed to talk about the new colors yet...brings back to that phone call fiasco they had to deal with last month.

    I'm sure once someone gets the scoop they will be more than happy to post it here without as having to ask them to.
  3. I wish we knew more. We will just have to wait.:sad:
  4. You're absolutely right; if I ended up getting that info the first thing I'd do is come and tell everyone the good news. This wait is just so agonizing!! :sweatdrop:
  5. ^ same here, if I get any info from my SA and my visits to Bal NY...

    I will all let you know first thing!
  6. HOPEFULLY it'll come in the Work! :idea: