Violet Twiggy on Smartbargains

  1. says 1 left
  2. I hope a PF'er gets that! I would have got it in a heartbeat if I can manage to upkeep so many leather bags in this humid & overbearing HOT place I live in.
  3. I almost checked out but I'm sticking with my step. If it was a better deal I probably would have pulled the trigger.
  4. Z&J, I was sooooo tempted too! Especially when all I have a cities & I have been wanting a Twiggy & wanting a Violet. *banish evil thoughts*
  5. sweet deal! I wonder who got it??
  6. i am so sad i missed this!! Great deal!!
  7. aw man, gone...

    hope someone here got it!
  8. Figures I posted this a while back and now I'm desperate to find one
  9. Hi Z&J, there's always Sapphire in FW 08. Hang in there
  10. Sparkle you're right! Kim said I was first on the list but I'm getting impatient. I want it now!:p
  11. Yeah! I'm sure you'll get it. I'm so sad about the price increase. What a bummer