Violet Strap leather lifting up!!

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  1. Hi, can this be glued down? i have never even worn the bag! Has anyone noticed this?
    I am concerned it will get worse over time:crybaby:
    strap1.JPG strap2.JPG
  2. 1. You can send it back to Balenciaga to get fixed (either directly if bought from BalNY or through the retailer if you bought it elsewhere).
    2. You can return it for a refund

    Those are the only two good options I can see...

    The worst that it could get is that it will curl up all the way to the seam (which is not that much leather, really). If that really bugs you, I would do one of the above two options...otherwise just don't sweat it.
  3. I personally don't think it's THAT big of a deal, and I'm sure you can superglue it together.

    But if it really bugs you, like fiat said, I think you should send it back for a refund.
  4. Thanks, i was just wondering if this was a common thing.
  5. It happens on some bags... I just used a little bit of Loctite Super Glue Gel and that does the trick..:wlae:
  6. Very cool- thanks so much!:heart:
    OOgieWoogie I love your signature- is that from Law of Attraction?
  7. Y, yes it is :smile:
  8. Cool- I love that stuff, Saw Ester and Jerry Hicks a few years ago, then the Secret came out and everyone thought it was new info. Thank goodness more people are embracing this great information!
  9. I don't think it's that uncommon. I had that happen on a BBag once and fixed it by using a little bit of LMB cleaner and then drying it with a hair dryer.
  10. I got my strap out from my Violet City, and I can see how that could happen, though mine is not lifting. I would say since it is on the other side of the stitching it should not get worse, and if you want to fix it yourself get some glue that is made for leather so it doesn't get stiff.