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  1. A'MAREE'S
    1649 Westcliff Drive
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

    Phone: 949.642.4423

    They have SOME Bbags on sale starting tomorrow (Saturday 1/11) for 30% off. No more first or work left, but they have one violet step and one violet weekender on the list, sorry I can't remember the rest.

    ANDY is the SA who told me about it--super nice girl:smile:
  2. Thanks for sharing! These are gonna go quick.
  3. Wow! Violet step!
  4. Has anyone ever purchased from them before
  5. Thanks. i'm so excited..
  6. Well, I called this AM and the woman said she couldn't be on the phone with me cause its a sale day. I asked about any Violet BBag, she said she's too busy to be on the phone...I'm kinda dissappointed.
  7. Yes- amarees sells authentic bags, however, I called several times asking what their sale selection was and got different stories each time. I didn't want to deal with the crowd so I called before. Supposedly, the only bags going on sale were whistles, matelasse, and the two toned cities. Did anyone make it to the sale?
  8. I called before they opened and the violet step is gone~!!! OMG I am soo mad~!! But when I talked to him 2 hours ago, they still have the violet weekender for 1049 plus 15 shipping.
  9. Thanks ChrisEVE for sharing this info. I called 9 at.00 AM PCT and got the violet step :yahoo:
  10. i just called and the violet weekender was also sold this morning! Congrats to the ones who scored and thanks for sharing, Chriseve!
  11. OMG I would have loved the weekender.
  12. hrrrrrrm.... I'm calling to see what color two-toned City's they have.... for some reason this bag has caught my eye! esp the basic blk/white one...
  13. When I called last week, they had a navy on navy and a tan and gray- HTH!

  14. which black/white one!?!?!??! are they releasing another damask type??

    PLEASE SAY YES!!! I would sell my legs for one!