Violet = Spring

  1. jburgh, I love that splash of violet when I open this thread. Be cafefull, Bella may want her own BV one day. She wears it well.
  2. i was at bv today n saw 3 violet bags. mousse's lambskin bag, the cabat and the duo bag with chains. love the cabat but i could not justify another one when my moon is under-used! and no knots hv been ordered in violet sadly. there will be a veneta in violet but i hv the anemone belly. perhaps i will just get a slg!
  3. So glad the color made your heart sing, jburgh! Congrats! I knew from the first time I saw it at the trunk show that Violet will be a popular color around here.

    BTW, there are some Violet flats here (apart from the drivers/moccassins). But they're not in the usual nappa intrecciato style of the classic ballerinas. They're made of suede + leather + a little of that PVC material. I don't have a photo & it is not on the website.
  4. jburgh, your violet cabat is to die for. Simply too gorgeous.
  5. Would u agree it would be awesome if sloane in violet? Unsure whether BV do make this
  6. It would be awesome if the Sloane were in Violet. And were it in original Montaigne, I'd be saving my pennies.
  7. U r genies , I forgot old Montaigne!
  8. It's beautiful!!! Now I wish they have it for veneta
  9. Oh wow, lovely color and bag!
  10. Thank you everyone. It has been raining hard for the past 4 days, so I took that opportunity to treat the bag with AppleGarde protectant. Even though I've treated nearly every bag (except nubuck, and exotics) with AppleGarde, it still is a nail biting experience. The Cabat is fully dried and aired out, so I can now start using her. What I like best about nappa is how you can "train" the sides to push in, giving the bag a more wedge look.

    If you have not seen Mousse's thread, she bought the Violet lambskin bag with that great drummed texture and contrasting woven stitched PVC strips. This Violet color is beautiful. I see that Ferragamo has a dark violet color for SS2012, and it is also gorgeous.
  11. WOW! This is so stunning! Lovely....
  12. OMG!! I love this purple!
  13. It's so so so pretty. Too bad I bought a BV in sapphire last fall. Is it very similar to violet?
  14. Where can we get Violet Veneta?? I want one.... :biggrin:
  15. :love::love::love::love: What a beautiful color!!!!! I am crossing my fingers that they will make a medium campana in the violet. then I will be done! :0)