Violet = Spring

  1. Thank you for all the kind words.

    This Cabat is indeed nappa. And, yes I play the harp, though not very well, arthritis gets in the way of progress.
  2. I knew you'd get it! What a gorgeous Cabat. Thanks for the photos of violet--I haven't been able to see it in real life you.

    Enjoy, enjoy!!
  3. I brought home the Violet Lambskin with the clear PVC detail and a matching wallet. I had the large cabat on hold in SF, but fell in love with the edginess of the new Lambskin. I have one more violet goodie delivering next week. Gotta tell you, the color is so-o-o intoxicating.
  4. Congrats! The violet is so beautiful:smile:
  5. This is just lovely. Congratulations- the color is beautiful
  6. BEAUTIFUL bag, Adorable dog :smile:
  7. Wowza is right. What a beauty. Absolutely perfect for Spring.
  8. I can't get over how beautiful Violet is- and in the cabat! And Bella is just the cutest! Congratulations!!!
  9. That is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade of purple. Congratulations! And the photo in the first post would make a beautiful phone wallpaper.
  10. jburgh

    i can't get over this beauty and came back to ogle (again). congratulations!

    i feel i must get a violet something...

  11. Such a perfect purple :drool::love: I'm in love! Congrats!
  12. You really should! I wish BV was doing a ballerina shoe in this leather/color...alas, no.
  13. i hate myself for the fact that I can answer right away from the first pic that it's cabat.

    Lovely purple!
  14. Don't hate just know your BV even from the small details!;)
  15. Nice find, jburgh. I love the picture with Bella with lovely purple