Violet Spectator Sabrina question

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  1. :nuts: Who has the Purple/Pink Violet spectator sabrina, and is it safe to wear her every day? Do you wear her every day? I m worried that the color of the handles rubbs off on the light pink when it rains etc... She's adorable, and I picked her up last night and stared at her, while DH was checking out some other stuff :drool:.. i didn't buy her, but i m just rememberin how cute she was and wondering if she's a safe "everyday" color. I have my silver sabrina, but she's not an everyday bag for sure. Just curious. How many of us here have spectators now, and in general, how are they holding up? I was gonna get the spectator hobo, bkz she's so comfortable, or is the sabrina better for everyday? They both are very cute! I already gave up on the rose gold shoulder bag, i m not too crazy about the exact same style after all... so now it's spectator, yay or nay...

    It would be fun to have a thread for spectator items, only. I know we have a madison thread, but how about a spectator one? I'd be too curious to see every one in different light etc...

    So how is your experience with spectator so far, is it pretty safe and convenient, do you like or love it? I m just researching :P
  2. Well, I can't answer your question regarding the violet Spectator Sabrina, but I do have the Spectator shoulder bag in grey. It's such a great size and shape. The profile is so nice and it looks good on the shoulder with either strap and on the forearm with the shorter strap. I've had no problems with my bag (of course I've only had her for less than 1 week), but the leather hasn't scuffed at all. Love or like? I LOVE IT!!! :yahoo: