Violet SGH Work or Part Time?

  1. Help! I can't decide if I should get the violet in the work or part time...the problem is that I cannot find the part time anywhere but I have the work currently on hold...I am afraid if I don't get the work I will never find it again, but I also want to wait to see if AmEx can find the part-time for me. They said they would get back to me by Wednesday but I don't think they will hold the Work until then. What should I do? I am afraid the work might be too big for me for an everyday bag, even though I love big bags. I am 5'5 and a size four. I also found the city in Violet SGH because I love the shoulder strap, but prefer the larger part-time.
  2. I think you should go ahead and get the Work while it's available. If the PT pops up and you decide you'd rather have that instead, you should be able to sell the GH Work with no problem.
  3. That's a hard question...I would check first until when they are willing to hold the work for you. Now personally I prefer the work to the parttime it's not deep enough for me.
  4. I love the PART-TIME style; it just seems to be just the right size for me. I have quite a few Weekenders (for Travel); didn't feel that the Work was that much different and for Work/Day, I really prefer something with a Shoulder Strap.

    So ... the Violet SGH is definitely available in the Part-Time style? Has anyone seen one ... none here in Boston (Boo Hiss!!!).
  5. ^^yes, it's available. I don't know where but DezinerPurseFan has one and it's gorgeous. I know BalNY is getting them but they may all be spoken for.
  6. yeah unfortunately the part times at balny are all spoken for... Thanks so much for your advice I am going to see how long they will hold the work does anyone know if bal Paris has any? My phone won't let me make international calls!
  7. I think you should wait for the PT if thats what you want... as much demand as there is for the violet SGH at the moment... I'm sure there'll be others who want to let go of theirs soon after all the hype dies down a bit... one or two will definitely pop up on the way... unless you really must have it NOW?