Violet SGH PT has landed!!!

  1. You're all probably tired of seeing Violet but my Violet SGH has finally arrived!!! I used to have a Violet Twiggy but after seeing the Violet SGH combo of some other tPf members, I knew I had to get one as well!!

    Here she is, ladies!!! :yahoo:

    It's my first PT, she's big and slightly heavy but I kinda like the weight of the bag. The color and leather is to die for!! The leather is extremely thick & soft and the color is fully saturated! Can't wait to bring her to work tomorrow!!:tender:
    IMG_5982.JPG IMG_5983.JPG IMG_5984.JPG IMG_5993.JPG
  2. More pics..:p
    IMG_5987.JPG IMG_5992.JPG IMG_5994.JPG
  3. wow gorgeous!!! love this combination, the silver hardware goes so well with the violet leather. congrats!!! can't wait to see your modeling pictures.
  4. Plump and delicious. Congrats
  5. Lovely!!
  6. Uhhh "T" so pretty!!!! :drool:
    I am intrigued how you always able to find these gems :thinking:

    This bag has such a beautiful leather..I am loving the colour combo as well..
    Such a beautiful purchase! :love:
  7. T, Your PT is soooooooo GORGEOUS!!! :love: I had this burning question to ask you...where is your Violet Twiggy & after reading this thread I realised you are keeping BOTH!!! :woohoo::choochoo::yahoo::tup:
  8. gorgeous, they would match my shoes perfectly
  9. I could never get sick/tired of looking at THAT! :okay:
  10. damn that color is HOT! congrats :biggrin:
  11. oh wow, she's gorgeous! :tup:
  12. Thanks *A*!! I'm really lucky to have found her..:yahoo:

    You have a "few" treasures up your sleeve as well...I've seen your collection girl:drool:
  13. Thanks *F*!!! Unfortunately, my Violet twiggy is with her new mommy now..who is also a very good friend of mine. So, I still get to Ms. Twiggy every so often!;)
  14. Thanks everyone for all your compliments!!:shame:

    She really is LOVELY..:tender:I can't stop staring at her..:girlsigh:
  15. Oooo....absolutely gorgeous. Congrats. A violet SGH PT is on my wishlist! Where did you find it?