Violet SGH Day in NM! Anyone looking for this?

  1. If you are, please pm me. I found a violet silver giant hw Day while shopping at my local NM and have put it on hold. Please pm me...only if you are really interested in it. :nuts: so that someone who really wants it gets a chance to own it!

    I would love to get it but I already have the violet in a different style, and so will reluctantly pass on this beauty to the first person to pm me! :crybaby:

    The violet and the silver hw combo makes this the most beautiful day I have ever tried on. :tup:
  2. this beauty is now "on hold" for another tPFer!!! :yes:

    When I saw it, I couldn't just leave it sitting on the table along with the other GH bbags, when I knew so many people on tPF want the violet. So, I thought of u guys! I'm glad that even though I couldn't justify another violet, another tPFer can now get it instead! This forum and shopping thread has helped me find a few of my own bbags so I had to share the love!
  3. mintpearl, that's sooo nice of you! You're such a sweetie to think of us! Thank you!
  4. couture -is your picture a lilac? how do you like this color?
  5. drew, yes it's an 06 lilac. I LOVE IT! If you're considering it, I assure you, you won't be disappointed as it's a really beautiful color and a great neutral!