Violet Sgh Brief Lamb - Heavier??

  1. is it just me or is the violet 07 lamb skin SGH brief heavier than other / previous b-bags....?? do you think it is the lamb skin or the SGH? i was just stunned at how heavier it is compared to my acqua 07 PT....
  2. This would be interesting to find out:yes:

    Since I don't own any lamb, I don't have anything to compare....hope someone with both will chime in!:idea:

    I bet it's the combination of both...
  3. i have to say that this bag is thick, distressed, and fluffy. so it is lovely. i figured that both goat and lamb can be both thin and thick. this one is thick.
  4. well. i can confirm, it is HEAVIER. not sure if it is the giant hardware or the lamb leather though. i suspect it might be the hardware, especially if they are solid. and they feel solid to me. are they sterling silver? i heard somewhere in this forum that the metal plates sewn onto the tags inside some b-bags are sterling silver. mine has not tarnish yet so not sure. but it is a nice thought to think that the giant silver hardwares are trully silver (does that mean the gold giant hardwares are real gold?? :p nah) or perhaps if they are stainless steel.... :girlsigh:
  5. The giant hardware makes them significantly heavier. When I got a City with GH I knew the second I took it out of the box it was going back. The Giant Hobo is the only GH bag that doesn't weigh a lot more. That's one of the reasons I love my Bbags and the main reason I don't really care for GH. All of my bags have regular hardware. I will probably eventually get a GSH Giant Hobo but my others, regular for me.

    Out of curiousity I weighed some of my bags to see if the earlier bags weighed less. They really didn't. They are just softer. The differences were minimal.
    Here were the ones that I weighed, all City bags:

    '07 Mastic- 1 # 10 oz.
    '04 Eggplant- 1# 8 oz.
    '05 Bubblegum- 1# 9 oz.
    '05 Turquoise- 1# 8 oz.
    '04 Light Turquoise- 1# 7 oz.
    '07 Juane- 1# 12 oz.
    '06 White- 1# 8 oz.

    All of these are Chevre.
  6. I have a Violet Brief w/SGH and love it. I would think the hardware is adding to the weight. But, I must say the leather on this bag is agneau and it is goooorgeous! Didn't even realize it was lamb until after I had it and read the threads on here. Sure enough, lamb! I love it, wouldn't give it back. The leather is thicker softer and has the most beautiful distressing. The difference is subtle and I don't see how my bag will be any less durable than my chevre.

    An example where the difference is not subtle.... my blue India city's leather couldn't be any thinner(chevre). My Violet agneau leather blows it out of the water. But, I still love my blue india because it has the best distressing, especially for a BI.
  7. yeah. i don't think it is the leather either. after reading your post, i can think we can extrapolate that the heavy factor is the giant hardware. part of suffering for aesthetics i suppose...? i agree, the leather on my SGH violet brief is wonderfully thick and fluffy and distressed too. after my magenta 05 leather (the back part only, as these things go...) this is by far the best i have seen.
  8. I have a lamb giant hardware day and a goat giant day... neither weighs more than the other! And I LOVE the lamb one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The leather's amazing. I too would never have known it was lamb had it not been for the lamb/goat threads.

    I believe the relative weight of any giant hardware bbag is a direct result of how much hardware it has. And nothing more.
  9. here here :drinks:
    sorted then. it is the giant hardware :borg:
    i wish we can solve world hunger this fast :yes: