Violet RH Day - where to find?

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  1. Hello all,

    I have decided that I would like a violet RH day. Can anyone tell me where I might find one?

    Many thanks!
  2. there is one on let-trade.. its a VERy reputable LV reseller. the only downside is that some people who have bought from them complains about a mothball smell but some say that it doesn't have a smell at all. I dealt with them once, and there was some confusion where the item was already sold, so they refunded me RIGHT AWAY.. and was GREAT!!!!

    i think its going for 1099
    go to

    shipping is included in the price as well.. but for customs(its a hk based business).. i have no idea.. you should research a little about them!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm still debating ordering from an online retailer as opposed to brick and mortar...
  4. How does it work if the bag is listed on both their e*** and non-e*** sites? For example, if I order the bag from let-trade's non-e*** site, does it still show up in my e*** account?
  5. no. its actually cheaper if you bought it through their own website because shipping is included, they will send you a confirmation and everything and i've heard that you may need to ask them for a tracking number, they don't send them automatically

    many pf'ers have purchased from them, you can just do a search and they pop up left and right!!! good luck~

  6. i'm always so worried about bying from a hk or asian business. how do you know they are actually authentic. i mean hk is basically the capital of fakes and most are absolutly flawless copies
  7. once again. do a search on them in the main forum!!! i was worried at first as well, but many pf'ers have great experiences with them. but i guess if you don't trust them, then don't buy from them. :yes:
  8. Thanks, Jaaanice!
  9. you're welcome.. good luck and keep us posted!!!!:tup:
  10. Hello all,

    I broke down and purchased the violet Day from let-trade, so now I'm super-anxious for its arrival! I purchased it on Monday night and received a payment thank you from them. I emailed Tuesday night to ask for a tracking number, and they said they'd send it when the item was shipped. It's now Wednesday night...shouldn't the item have been shipped by now? I know that I'm extra eager, but am I too eager? I don't want to keep badgering them, but I want to know.

    Can anyone share their experiences?

  11. did you get a tracking number yet? i really want a violet RH day myself... please post pics when you get it!
  12. The item usually arrives within 4 days so you'll probably get it soon. Perhaps there was a holiday there though? You can still ask again if you're unsure.
  13. They sent a tracking number!