Violet/Purple Muse?

  1. Hi.

    I'm a newbie and would like to know if the Muse ever came out in Purple/Violet colored leather. I've seen an Olive and a Red...other than the usual black, brown and white. I'm interested in colored bags.
  2. Hi and welcome to TPF, Azalea!

    Yes, the muse came out in purple. The pic below belongs to a fellow TPFer, Riana. I wanted to post the link to her post, but could not. The post does not show up in the previous pages, but she posted this pic on March 13, 2007. I am sure there are other pics, so try doing a search, too.
  3. It came in L and XL. I love mine!
  4. ^ it also came in medium but the purple was a bit brighter, like a true violet (the flower)
  5. I believe there were two shades of purple. They are still out there! Good luck!
  6. there is one on bluefly