Violet PT: Gold or Silver GH


Which will look best with Violet?

  1. Silver GH

  2. Gold GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Does anyone know how much Violet resembles Eggplant? Are they pretty similar in color? I'm trying to choose hardware and I want to go with GH but I don't know which to choose: silver or gold? I've pre-ordered it in silver already but of course, there's plenty of time to change my mind. :shrugs: I'm trying to limit myself to two bags and one accessory next season (not including the Magenta SGH, that one doesn't count since it's a SE ;) )I've preordered the Jaune City with RH, a Rouge Flat Clutch with SGH. What do you think will look best with Violet?
  2. personally, i prefer violet with looks edgy and cool! but your gut says gold. a PFer said on another thread to go for what you feel.
  3. I am on the list of Silver GH!
  4. I ended up going with a twiggy in violet. If I would have waitlisted for a city, I probably would have gone silver gh... this color is going to be great w/ANY hardware in ANY style! :yes:
  5. I think either will look good with the Violet but if I get one I want regular hardware if they have it. If not, then I will decide when I see them. I have eggplant so I'm not in great pursuit of Violet. I think eggplant is darker, at least mine is. But we all know how the colors vary from bag to bag, so some of the Violets may be almost like eggplant depending on the leather.
  6. I'm really hoping it looks like eggplant. If I knew exactly what the color looked like, it would be a no brainer deciding on hardware. Eggplant would look great with silver. But if it is a warmer tone, it might look better with gold. I wish I could see it in person.
  7. I think that silver will look great with the violet, but again, it's hard to know without seeing actual photos.
  8. I say SILVER but that's coming from someone who doesn't like gold! I think it will look AMAZING on Violet!:nuts:
  9. I actually voted gold, but I think silver after some thought. I think the gold may look too much like carnival. I'm from New Olreans and Mardi Gras colors are green, gold, and purple. But like you said, it does depend on the shade of the violet...
  10. I went with the silver GH in the violet color. I guess we'll see how it turns out. :nuts:
  11. I think most people are choosing silver with this color so I'm going to stick with what I've pre-ordered (silver) and if I don't like it, hopefully it won't be difficult to exchange it for the gold.
  12. :yes: I agree!! I voted for silver hardware, because without seeing it - I think that would look cool.

    I think what colors look good with will vary - so I'm glad they are offering both!! I am interseted to see Sienna (Terry said this was Tabac on the board), which I am hoping will be like Grenat, only richer. If it is the way I've envisioned it... I would be in love with the silver hardware... :love: We'll see!
  13. That color sounds lovely. I'm envisioning a weekender in Sienna with GH hardware:heart:
  14. Based on the violet pic, I think it has more of a pinkish undertone while the eggplant has more blue.
  15. i think the silver looks better with the violet. from the pictures of the step the silver looked like a nice contrast!