violet pony hair!

  1. Today was full of surprises, some good and others not as good. I went to Saks today for a shopping excursion. I was not looking for anything in particular. Boy was I shocked to see they started carrying Balenciaga! Wow! I was super excited! My excitement soon declined as I picked up the olive day…leather felt plasticy. I guess it has been a while since I added a new Bbay baby into my life. I love the 2004 leather and this could not compare. In case anyone is wondering, I saw a calcaire box and twiggy, and an ice blue work. I don’t remember what else I saw because my mind went gaga when I saw the violet pony hair classique. Lemme tell you that I never thought I liked pony hair, which I felt was better for me because the regular leather is cheaper… but this one was gorgeous!!!! I ran as fast I could to the SA but my baby was being very fussy so I had to leave, but I made him hold it for me.

    Does anyone have this style/color combo? I have read previously on the forum that it can bald. Has this happened to anyone? I like to wear my bags so this is a concern for me!
  2. I have heard they may "bald" but since I never owned a pony hair bag I don't know what they are like. I can't believe they had those rare colors! OMG!
  3. IT'S TRUE? Man I saw an article in People and it had Nicky Hilton in it and this bag you are speaking of with the purple pony hair. My sister went nuts for it and I said i'll check online to see if it's true...and it is. She might fall if I tell her it really exists....
  4. Yes it's happened to me! I had a camel ponyhair box which was perfect in the shop. I took it home, and it had started balding on the corner. Two days later - and I hadn't even used it yet, just taken it out to admire - the corners/edges were completely bald. I took it back straight away for a full refund. I was told no one else had complained, but then again I was one of the first to get the ponyhair.

    I am not going to even dream of getting another ponyhair Bal, even tho they are SOOOOOOOO lovely and soft *yummy*
  5. Which Saks is this??? I want that Calcaire Box!
  6. Saks palm desert 760.837-2900. they also had the new fabric style that is kind of like asian looking blue and creme in the day style. good luck- but please don't touch my violent pony hair first! I really want it but I'm nervous about the balding. I want a bag I can wear! Is that too much to ask when paying 1100+?