***Violet Patent Bay Photos***

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  1. I slept with her by my side last night :heart::love:
    I can't stop touching her!!! I might have to take a bite out of her :P
  2. What a beauty of a bag--congrats!!
  3. Humbling electronics!!! Their sophistication can literally eat up a whole day of productivity!! All for the sake of saving time right, grrrrrr.

    Did I mention I'm having puter problems, LOL!!

    Anyway your struggle is our delight. Your sacrifice is our treat!! Because the bag is beautiful and it's gorgeous on you. A totally win win situation.

    Thank you for your efforts.
  4. Thank you all for sharing in my joy. Only fellow TPF'ers could possibly understand. I have to leave her out on the table or counter or on my pillow so I can admire her, stroke her, and lovingly caress her soft skin. I am posting a new thread with a pic of her cousin (which I do not own) from Net-A-Porter but it shows the beauty of her leather in great detail.
  5. Wow!!! Great bag and it looks perfect on you :love:

    I just love Chloe patent pruple and this hobo Bay style is great too :yes:
  6. DOn't you have this one too Bal? i am losing track. I LOVE this purse, gettingpurseonal, and I always have and you wear it perfectly. I am so glad to hear that it goes with a lot of stuff. So hip and edgy and different!!! Congrats on a great buy!
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