***Violet Patent Bay Photos***

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  1. Finally I got my @$%&%*^& computer & camera to cooperate with each other!! It took hours - I wrestled with the camera because it wouldn't upload the pics and then I had to email pics from my computer to my laptop because they wouldn't upload from my regular computer, but I wanted to post pics because this bag is SO much prettier in person. The bottom can flatten so you can set it down - this is a hobo and it doesn't look like it could do that and I need to be able to set my bag down without it falling over. The leather is SO thick, it is comfortable to wear, and it closes with strong magnets - very easy to get into and out of and very roomy. The color goes with a lot too. I love the crinkly texture of the leather. Sorry for poor pic quality - I don't know why it's blurry and the last 2 pics are dark bc no flash. I had to return the patent Heloise I got last year because several parts broke and the "Chloe" stamp was all messed up. On top of the exchange, I got an incredible deal on it at Saks. There were many different variations in the color - some were a very light purple, some had no depth, just a flat color, but this one called out my name! For size reference, I am 5'3" 108 lbs.

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  2. Very pretty bag -- I got the same one at Saks. Mine was a phone order so I couldn't see the color but in the catalog it looked gorg. When I received it, I thought it was the perfect color for spring/summer and I too love the crinkly patent leather. Haven't had a chance to take pics yet but yours are great. It's amazing how each pic the shade looks different. It is the perfect size, btw I am 5'3 110 lbs. Good luck with her, looks great on you.
  3. I am jealous of you teeny tiny girls! The bag looks terrific.
  4. Beautiful bag, congrats!!
  5. That bag is gorgeous...so are you!! You guys look great together!!
    Sidenote....you look like Mariah Carey holding that fabulous bag!!
    Love the color and the patent!!
  6. You are all very sweet! Thank you for the kind comments. Chiapet, each bag was a different variation of this color purple. One was almost identical, but another was much lighter and not as "liquid" looking. For internet orders, I recommend you order 2 and choose which one to keep. I exchanged a more expensive bag, earned triple points, and got 25% off the bag so I ended up getting lots of money back on this one!!
  7. gorg!!
  8. Love it:love:Amazing colour.
  9. Love that colour, it looks so yummy, almost edible! And I agree, you do look like Mariah Carey! You and your bag look absolutely gorgeous!:love:
  10. Holy cow - you're right - that colour is TDF!! I love the style too - what a great buy!
  11. that is beautiful!!!!!
  12. wow, such a great colour! :heart:
  13. :woohoo:Whoa GP - that bag is STUNNING :love: and looks just perfect on you. Wear her in good health and enjoy :smile:.
  14. I adore this bag. This is the bag I wanted to get for myself for the longest time but felt bad about then having two diffrent purple patents bags so I got a red Heli instead(which I love by the way). But it is defiently one of my HG and I just love the colour. Looks good enough to eat:nuts:
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