violet or vert d'eau twiggy

  1. Should I choose a violet or a vert d’eau twiggy - Which one would I use the most? All my other b-bags are in neutral colours.
    Thanks for your help!:flowers:
  2. Violet. I had a Vert Deau City that I never carried so I sold it to a friend that had always loved it. But now she has changed her mind and is now selling it! I think you'll find that the Violet will go with so many things. I never loved my Vert D because it ended up being too pastel for me. I think most people will vote for Violet too!
  3. I love my Vert de' eau twiggy! Why care about if it's a light color when it's your dream bag :heart: But I really like the violet as well, you can't go wrong with either :yes:
  4. Both colors are gorgeous - which one goes best with your wardrobe? I think they are both neutrals w/a 'pop' of color.
  5. i'd say violet, i think is a versatile colour, and it'll match with a lot of outfits
  6. I like both colors, but deeper shades work better for me, so I would get the violet.
  7. You'd be amazed at how much Violet will go with! I vote for that one!
  8. I say Verte D'Eau. I finally got one and I find it goes with more than I thought it would. The leather is gorgeous on every Verte D'Eau that I have seen, not so with Violet. If you can, get both. It may be a long time before they make another purple but on the other hand if it sells well this season, they do seem to be repeating similar colors much more frequently.
  9. I vote for Violet. Bear this in mind though, if this is a bag that you will be using quite a lot, go with the Violet, if this is a bag that you will use when the urge strikes you, then go with the Vert D'eau. I think that in the long run, Violet is going to wear far better than the V D'eau. There have been posts about the V D'eau fading and yellowing with time, not so with the Violet.

    I wish you well,

  10. I vote for the violet too. If you are going to carry it a lot I would worry about the lighter color getting marked more
  11. I vote for violet. It is a gorgeous color and I am more of a jewel tone person than a pastel person.
  12. Both colors are pretty, but I'd pick violet!
  13. Violet!!!!
  14. violet!!!!
  15. I like the violet so much more! It's so rich with color! It's just an amazing color!