Violet or Raisin? Why not both

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  1. :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Meet the latest addition... a gift from my SO...:heart::yahoo: I could have kissed the Hermes SA (from Alaska:p) who offered this to him!!!!!

    Violet chevre mysore 30 cm birkin


    With Raisin Chevre interior

  2. Archangel - WOOHOO!!!

    Loving the purples.

    Violet AND raisin.... yipee.

    Congratulations to you :drinkup:
  3. LOVE it! What a special surprise inside!
  4. Why not, indeed! GORGEOUS!!!
  5. OOO! Great combination! How lovely!!
  6. Gorgeous! :drool:

    What a lovely SO you have too.
  7. FANTASTIC :drool:
  8. Beautiful!!!!
  9. That is so BEAUTIFUL!!!
  10. Magnifique! Congrats. You have the best of both worlds :smile:
  11. :drool:

    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  12. Fabulous, archangel! You have the nicest bags!
  13. Oh, what a dream combo...and I do mean dream since I think I'll be dreaming of it tonight.
  14. omg that is heaven on earth!!!! i wanted that combo in an agenda. LOVE IT! conrgats! so lucky and good good SO!
  15. Oh, that's such a gorgeous bag! Congrats!! Now, I want this combo too. LOL ...