Violet or Kelly Green?

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  1. I wanted a color after carrying a black bag all winter. I purchased the violet lola kooba and the kelly green leyla true religion bag. Which one should I keep as they are too expensive to keep both. Which one might take me into :smile:the fall season?
  2. I just looked at both and you've got a tough decision ahead of you ~ both are beautiful and very different. I think the style and color of the Kooba will take you beyond fall with its classic lines and understated beauty. It's elegant and sophisticated. The Leyla is great also ~ it exudes "fun" with its contrasting beige topstitching, although this strikes me as a much more casual bag. It ultimately depends on what you want from your bag.

    Are you concerned about color and/or style trends? Which color is more versatile for your wardrobe?

    To me, the Kooba whispers "I'm here, take notice". In contrast, the Leyla sings "hey, check me out!" Just my $.02 at this wee hour in the morning, lol!

    Good luck deciding!
  3. I loooove the TR! I bet it looks lovely IRL. Then again, the Kooba seems it would transition into fall better. Which one goes with more of your wardrobe?
  4. I love the Kooba...very classic shape and the violet is TDF!!!