violet or jaune for a fair skinned dark haired gal?

  1. opinion?

    the aqua 07 and magenta 05 worked really well with my fair (pale! i wish i have more tan!) skin tone and dark black hair.

    so, i thought violet would work well but not sure now...
  2. Me too I have black hair and fair skin and I'm considering the violet... It really compliments my skin tone, and anyway I wear a lot of "cool" colors (not cool like hey-look-how-cool, but like opposite of warm)...
    I say go for the violet!
  3. Id definitely say violet :smile:
  4. I agree with the others, I think violet looks better. Your pale skin and violet bag combination will be dramatic. On a side note.... I am chinese and with my pale/yellow tone skin just looks sickly with yellow.
  5. Violet!
  6. definately VIOLET
  7. violet violet and violet :tup:
  8. Being a new dark haired girl(just recently went from blonde to medium brown), and I am fair to medium skinned(I get spray on tanned once a month).... anyway, I've had both Jaune and violet. I would say the violet looked much better with my coloring now. The jaune kind of washed me out unless I was freshly spray tanned. I never ended up using the jaune since it didn't completment me and returned it. Go for the violet, its a amazing color and looks good on both brunettes and blondes.
  9. Yah, I also vote for VIOLET!!!
  10. i agree with the others, violet would look better with your skin tone.
  11. Another vote for Violet based on your skin tone...
  12. Violet. The yellow would not look very good with your skin tone, IMO.
  13. I vote violet.

    And L'Oreal makes a great face "tanner" that gives base color without making it obvious that you're using tanner. Perfect for winter months;).
  14. :love:violet:love:
  15. Another vote for Violet.