Violet OR French Blue???


French Blue or Violet??

  1. French Blue

  2. Violet

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  1. Which color is nicer??? Now that you guys have a chance to see both! I really need to decide on one color!! Please help!
  2. it depends which style you are going for... i love the french blue in the day or city or first but i really think the violet is amazing in the twiggy or work... but both are gorgeous colors so you can't go wrong with either
  3. i :heart: the violet w/ sgh!!the color is very pretty and the sgh gives it a POP!!
  4. I have a french blue day in GH & I want to get a violet first...or maybe a violet city. I want to go with RH in the violet for sure, but I love the look of SGH Violet Day bag!:drool::drool:
  5. Oooh, that's a toughie...I may need more info to make a decision - what style and harware are you thinking of? I love the violet w/SGH, but I've also been dreaming of a French Blue GGH part time...and of course, everything looks good in RH...I'm not helping, am I?:p I will say that it's my understanding that French Blue is getting hard to find, so if you know of one, I may go with that, just because you might not be able to find it again later...they're both gorgeous, so you really can't go wrong either way! :tup:
  6. I'm voting for Violet just because the leather on the French Blue bags disappointed so many people. Apparently there were fading and peeling issues. If you want blue, hold out for Pre-Spring Electric Blue instead...

    The Violet leather all looks like it's fantastic, though! And Balenciaga makes a TON of blues, but who knows when they'll do another purple.
  7. mabli : Yes, the SGH is so gorgeous with the violet.:love:

    batgirl77: I got the Gold Hardware & I think it's hard to match things with so the french blue bag has been sitting in the closet. :crybaby:Brand new & not being use...You are right that everything looks good in if I can't decide, it's better to go with that...:okay:

    Cheshire Cat: I didn't know that french blue can fade. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: That's a good point that Balenciaga doesn't make purple bag that often while there all shades of blue being produce. Tough choice for me!!
  8. In RH? If so the french blue. In GH the violet.
  9. Violet, it looks like such a great colour and I think it will be less prone to fading!

    I wish you well,

  10. I definitely love/prefer/say the violet... althought the FB is another amazing color... I'm not a blue bag girl!
  11. wow it IS difficult making that decision...!!! the french blue is SO striking but i heard that the leather wasn't that good... and from what i've been seeing the leather for this season(violet) is lookin' GORGEOUS...!! i think i'd go with violet! :yes:
  12. I'd love a violet!
  13. Wow, this one is tough!!!

    I'd been dying for a French Blue City, but I decided to hold out for the Electric Blue instead because of fading/leather issues with FB.

    If you really want blue, I think you should hold out for the Electric Blue, but otherwise, go with Violet!:yes:
  14. The violet is STUNNING and the leather this season has been TDF...VIOLET all the way!
  15. I personally prefer Violet!:love: Good luck with your choice, HappyAngel!:yes: