Violet or Blue? Which One?

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Which Quilted Color - Blue or Violet?

  1. Blue - Of course, it's your favorite color!

  2. Violet - Definitely, too much Blue in your collection already!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I hope tad doesn't mind, I "borrowed" her pic to use as a comparison. I was trying to find an accurate pic of both colors, when I came across K's pic of the Marky & LZW.

    So, it isn't the Marky that I'm considering or even the LZW (sadly, not having much luck in the LZW dept) I'm not going to say what it is other than it's a bag (not SLG). There are pros/cons to each color and I'm having such a hard time making up my mind!!

    Pros: LOVE the color - so different from any other shade of blue I have in my collection; LOVE the edge paint -- the violet edge paint/stitching compliments the blue leather wonderfully; Not finding any of the SLGs in the quilted blue, so if I want this color it's gotta be a bag
    Cons: I already have so many blue bags, It's not exactly a "practical" shade of blue, and even tho I rarely (if ever) match my bags to what I'm wearing, this might not look right w/other shades of blue and/or other colors

    Pros: Have NOTHING like this in my collection; Gorgeous Navy Edgepaint/stitching (so I still get my blue!!); Neutral enough to go with most colors
    Cons: Thinking about getting a SLG in this color (Marky? LZW?) and I don't like matching bags/SLGs; If I get a Violet Bag, what do I get in the quilted Blue??

    So, what do you think -- Blue or Violet?

  2. What a tough decision, J! But you know what, this shade of blue is hard to pass up. Even if I'm a big fan of pinks/purples, my vote goes to the blue. It is a stunning shade that would be fabulous in any bag you decide to get. I know you already have lots of blue but they're in different shades plus it's your favorite color so IMO, you can never have too many.The violet is also gorgeous but I think it would be better suited as an SLG. So definitely get the bag in blue, the SLG in violet - problem solved!
  3. I like the violet better and I think it would be more neutral.
  4. I love the blue but if you already have a lot of blue bags and think this one will be hard to coordinate with your clothes (i know it would be for me) then i don't think it's the best choice considering just how gorgeous the violet color is and you have nothing like it and it's a super versatile color.

    of course you can't really go wrong either way!
  5. I love both, I can see how this is a very difficult decision. But, I would pick violet. You have blues in your collection and the stitching in the violet is navy. So you have the best of both worlds.
  6. it is a difficult decision, but I would go for the blue, I mean I think you'll always love that one a little bit more
  7. Tough decision! Both are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with either one. If you want to let go of any of your blue stams in your current collection, I will be the first in line!
  8. i voted for violet :yes:
    i don't have any advice on what else to get in the quilted blue but i don't think you can go wrong ;)
  9. Ohh, I have such a hard time picking stuff at times. Maybe its because I'm a Libra and can't decide if I have more than one thing that I like.......anyway, back to your selections! I really, really like both but I picked the blue. If you gravitate towards that color, you might regret it in the long run if you pick the violet? Please share when you decide iluv!
  10. I voted Violet - I personally think that this color can go with alot more than blue. I would buy a SLG in the blue color if you're still in love with the color!
  11. Love the style of the violet better...
  12. Spice up your collection with an unexpected color! If you already have lots of blue, I think the violet would be a nice change.
  13. #13 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    that's actually the problem -- I had wanted a LZW in blue but it appears that it's next to impossible to find one. the only place I know of that's carrying the Blue Marky is the Saks in Dubai!! I've seen the ZC in Blue, but I'm not big fan of the quilted ZCs and I dunno -- there was something about it I didn't love. so there's not really much to choose form as far as Blue SLGs

    The violet on other other hand -- I can find a Violet Marky and I might actually be able to get a Violet LZW.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and thoughts girls!! I probably won't be able to make up my mind til I see them side by side. I've seen each one separately, but haven't seen them together yet. I hope to see them on Wednesday!!
  14. I voted for violet! Both colors are absolutely beautiful but since you already have a few blue bags, I think violet would be a perfect addition. :yes:
  15. Wow, they're that rare huh?
    Does the blue come in anything other than the Marky or the LZW?
    How about a ZC? (Or perhaps you have one too many already? :P)

    This is a toughy, but I think I am still leaning towards violet more. And although Sage and this blue isn't exactly the same color, they are somewhat in the same color family which may make the violet a nice pop of color in your bag collection.