Violet or 05 Magenta? ^.^

  1. :yahoo: I have a chance to get one of them: Violet or 05 Magenta??

    :heart::heart::heart: I love purple... so I really like the violet colour, but the 05 Magenta is so pretty!!! I can't decide between them...

    05 Magenta comparing to the 07 Magenta, which one has more purple tone in it???? :p

    :wlae: I can only get one~ Which one will you choose???
  2. Yikes.................this is a difficult one.

    I would go for violet. you will always have the chance to buy a magenta in 08.

    Good luck.
  3. I vote for Violet as well :nuts:
  4. Violet, because it's much more versatile and since I have mine I have stopped to desire badly a magenta 05 bag, it's like if I felt that my need for Bal purple/loud pink was fullfilled.
  5. i'm going to go against the crowd and say magenta 05 - i still think nothing beats 05 leather and the 05 magenta has more purple then the 07, plus the amazing puffy thick leather! i think the 05 magenta will be a lot more versatile then you think :yes:
  6. Violet! I have to say though that I really don't care for pink at all, so it's an easy choice!

    I think that Violet will be more versatile though.

    I wish you well,

  7. Which style of bag did you want? I think that might influence my choice of colour.
  8. :tup: WORK!!!

    Maybe city :p

  9. If it were me I would prefer:

    • GGH Work in Violet
    • City in either GSH or GGH Violet or RH Magenta 05
    • .........or the First in RH Magenta 05
    • .......or GGH LE 07 Magenta.
  10. ^ Thanks~ but I want RH..

    Any more vote?
  11. Go for Magenta 05. The leather will be fantastic which to me is equally as important as the colour.
  12. Get the violet!!! It's such a beautiful color!!!
  13. For those of you who have a 05 magenta... does it has purple tone under it?
  14. Yes it does have a purple tone as long as it hasn't faded. As Magenta fades, it goes more pink.
  15. ;) Thanks for your reply!

    Most of my clothes are cream, black, white and brown... :p Boring~ I know!!!!

    I'm scare that Magenta will be too bright for me :rolleyes: