Violet Muse

  1. I finally got my first Muse on Saturday, in Violet! I love it, although its not quite the color that shows up on the YSL site, or on the Downtown bag in InStyle. Its more of an eggplant purple instead of a blue-ish purple. But I love it reguardless. Pics are below :love:
    violetmuse1.jpg violetmuse2.jpg
  2. Wow!!!! That color is amazing. Congrats on your beautiful Muse. Thanks for posting the pics. :yes:
  3. Oh my, what a gorgeous bag! :nuts: Congratulations!!!
  4. I tried this on at Neiman's today. Absolutely TDF!!!! Congrats, it's beautiful!
  5. it's very pretty, thanks for sharing!!
  6. The color is so lovely!!! yummy.
  7. nice muse! congrats!
  8. Its beautiful. Congrats
  9. Sooo pretty! Very stylish in that color.
  10. Congratulations Riana! I love all muses!
  11. pretty!!love the color!
  12. Gorgeous!!! Congrats.
    The color is amazing, I can't wait to see it in real life.
  13. Oh my! It's gorgeous! I really really love this color.
    I'm dying to see some more pics :smile:
  14. Thank you so much for posting a picture. Is this the large?
  15. CONGRATS!! It's VERY beautiful!! :yahoo:
    Saw it saturday at YSL in Bond Street's beautiful :drool: