Violet Muse

  1. So I swore up and down I would never pay over $1000 for a bag...and then I see the violet Muse on the YSL website...and it's instant lust (also lusting for the downtown in violet)....but don't find them anywhere on line. How would I go about ordering this bag or can I call ysl directly? Are there boutiques I could go to?
    Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I figure you experts would help me with this. That Muse bag is TDF, in that color... I'd actually like either one of them.
  2. I want this bag, too. I think you would have to order from YSL directly, since I doubt that the buyers at Neiman's and Saks will get those and put them online. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue (in New York) and the guy at the YSL counter told me they wouldn't be getting any of the violet bags in. I am going to wait until I am next in New York, and buy the bag directly from the YSL boutique. I am pretty sure I will love it as much in person, but will want to go and try it on. Let me know how it goes!
  3. YSL Boutique would be the way to get is striking!!!
  4. Call the YSL boutique and talk to them. They will be able to help you out. I tend to doubt it is one that will be put online.