Violet Money Wallet

  1. although i was hesitant on the color, i was quite surprised at the perfect size of the money wallet. i have been using my lv international wallet for like 10 years and never seemed to have enough room to fit all my receipts and cards etc. as soon as i got this wallet, i transferred everything into it and had room to spare!
  2. :nuts::yahoo:Gorgeous! I'm loving these Violet accessories.

  3. I cannot express how desperately I want to find one just as gorgeous as this in the UK and snap it up. You are so lucky and I am so terribly jealous!
  4. One more reason why I should get Money in Violet...Love it...
  5. Wowza! Absolutely scrumptious! Love the Money!
  6. Fab!!!

  7. I love Violet and it looks very pretty in any accessories.:yes:
  8. CONGRATS! love violet!
  9. Very cool wallet, gorgeous leather!
  10. very pretty. congrats!
  11. Sooo beautiful.:drool: I'm not familiar with the Balenciaga wallets. Is yours as comparatively lightweight as the bags? I'm beginning to tire of carrying my brick-weight monster. :push:
  12. [​IMG]
    Such a vivid color!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. LOVE it!:love: Congrats!!:heart: I have a Rouge Vif Money and think it's the perfect size, too!:yahoo:
  14. wow! love your wallet. congrats! violet is looking so pretty in everything so far.
  15. Yes they are very light & well designed. The money wallet is a good useful size that fits in about every bag & the colours are awesome!:tup: