Violet metallic wallet on a chain and new stary night headband Pics

  1. Thought that I would share a couple of pics of my new WOC and headband. I just got them today! The WOC is just the perfect size for an evening bag. I like to triple over the strap and carry it on my wrist. The violet color is so lovely IRL. I took a look at the navy while I was there and it was beautiful too.

    For those of you who are still looking for metallic flap reissues, my SA said she may be able to get a couple, but can only ship to a billing address (no PO box or overseas). If you want her contact info, PM me as I don't want to post her contact information here.

    PS: Thanks Calisnoopy for getting me the headband info several days ago!
    P1010201_1.jpg P1010203_1.jpg
  2. oh its so cute!! can you post modeling pictures???
  3. :tup::yes: So pretty....just a pop of purple, enough to accent you outfit. Me likey!! Congrats.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wallet on chain!!!!CONGRATS!Both items are great!!!!!
  5. congrats on scoring a very gorgeous WOC and headband!!

    wish i can wear headbands...they give me headaches!
  6. It's lovely:heart: Congrats! Would also love to see modeling pics!
  7. Oh, i LOVE the headband! :drool: and the WOC is lovely too! :tup:
  8. Gorgeous WOC!!! Modelling pics?
  9. Here's a quick modelling pic (over the hair, not holding it back). Sorry that it's a bit blurry!
  10. Oh Chi! I looove your loot! I am seriously considering a WOC, can you model that baby for us?
  11. WoC... the temptation is strong, especially in Navy! :drool:
    Congrats on your gorgeous items!
  12. Very cute!
  13. is the WOC roomy enought to carry a phone in it? I have a blackberry pearl! congrats!
  14. Here's one WOC modelling pic. I have the strap trippled over and it's hanging on my elbow. I carry it like this for cocktail parties. Sorry it's a bit blurry!
  15. LOVE your wallet on a chain!
    the purple in the larger sizes was way too blingy for me - but its perfect on your bag.

    As mentioned above -- can you fit a cell phone and keys inside too?