violet messenger--I found her à Paris and here she is!!

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  1. I have to share these pics (not great ones but I did my best at the office) of my new violet messenger. She is a rare beauty; I had to track her down from Europe. I emailed every store on tpfs shopping list in Europe that had an email; called Balenciaga in Paris and Milan; and then finally got her through personalized shopping at Printemps in Paris. They were great, btw, and all the arrangements were done through email and fax. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks also to Blue Hour Girl for helping me along this path to success! :yahoo:
    IMG_0561.jpg IMG_0563.jpg IMG_0564.jpg
  2. what an awesome find! congrats, it's beautiful!!
  3. ohmigod she's GORGEOUS!!!! can you post modeling pics? i've been thinking about getting a messenger and would love to see how she wears....
  4. Wow congrats!!!
    This the 1st time i see Violet in messenger style! Love it! :tup:
  5. Gorgeous - congrats!
  6. oh congrats she's super beautiful!! love the first pic - she looks like a cuddly bunny with ears. def worth all the effort. modelling shots pls...
  7. Tune in for some modeling pics tomorrow. I personally LOVE the messenger style and size--it is a little smaller than the city but still a good size bag for every day. (Hgbags has a bunch of them on eBay right now if you're interested...).
  8. Can't wait to see the modeling pics! In the meantime, she's SO yummy!
  9. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  10. look great i think violet had the great leather of the year 2007/ i been dying for one in work but the hope is hopeless... coz it can be see no where now.
  11. WOW...she is gorgeous...that leather looks divine!!!!
  12. CONGRATS on such a STUNNING bag!!!:heart::love::love::heart:
  13. oh goodie, just what i was going to ask for!! the leather looks amazing too - congrats!!!
  14. So beautiful. Congratulation....
  15. WOW I love it! the leather on the messenger looks great! also waiting for modeling pics...I've never seen this style before...can it hold much?