Violet Matinee or Marine????

  1. My minds made up! I'm going to give the matinee another shot!

    My friend had a elephant matinee & well I didn't like the leather too stiff! sooo..I never bothered looking into other colors.

    But now after seeing the Marine/cobalt & the Violet..I want a bright,in your face color for spring!

    So which would you choose?!!! (sounds a little House Hunters..heheh)

  2. Well, Blue is HUGE this Spring and the cobalt/marine matinee looks delish!

    I also like the Ruby/White dot....and the Violet is so pretty.

    Decisions! Decisions!!
  3. Huh!!! Did you say ruby?! I didn't see a ruby!!!

    Well that just adds to my dilemma now doesn't it!!

  4. And just to make it harder, there's a beautiful jade green matinee coming out too! Perfect for spring. But the ocean/cobalt may be the perfect pick for an in your face bright and bold spring bag.
  5. Here are some pics to tempt you!

    RUBY Matinee


    Violet Matinee

  6. i cant picture taking out the violet matinee in the daytime, it seems like such an evening color.. the ruby is not so much in your face.. i say go for marine!!! :tup:
  7. Damn, there's a Ruby also! I'm really liking the Violet, Jade and now Ruby. Arggghhh!!!:cursing:
  8. Jade?! I do love green..I'm Irish !! Ruby!? Violet:s In your face blue!!!:nuts:

    Ladies.your cruel!!! I'm tempted to buy all 4..well at least 2!!!


  9. I know! I feel your pain! What to do???

  10. Here's the Cobalt/Marine Matinee (Hautechick's photo)


    And new hardware detail

  11. I love Blues, but the Cobalt is just too intense for me. I prefer the warmer colors and just love the Violet and think it's a great "pop" if you wear a lot of neutral colored clothing. The Jade is also gorgey and I'm thinking that'll be my next bag for Spring and Ruby will be for the Fall!:p
  12. wouldn't that jade look gorgeous against my creme powersuit?! Heyyyy..stop!

    Now instead of picking between 2..I have to choose between 4! And I have a sneaking suspicion you ladies will come up with more (this means you Contessa)


  13. Isn't that a flashy color..I likey!!!

  14. It's ELECTRIFYING!!!!!

    A total pop of color! Can you imagine wearing white this summer and carrying this bag????

    Whew! Is it hot in here??????!!!!!!!